Web Extensions Development

Web Extensions (for Chrome or any other Web Browser) are new trend that many businesses are jumping into in recent years due to their popularity and the power they give to customers and users alike.

If your business uses data from external websites, interacts with multiple websites or if customers need to collect information from third party websites or you need to enhance their experience on those external websites - then web extensions are a good fit for you business.

How We Work With Web Applications?

  • As with most of our projects, we have an initial interview form to capture your web extension idea details
  • We review and help fine tune all the web extension idea details to ensure we get everything exactly as you want it
  • Review Round 1: a summary of all you want in a clear and consistent manner. After you approve everything on this document we proceed to the next step
  • Review Round 2: a proof of concept approval to ensure that visually everything on the app is exactly as you envisioned it to be
  • Final Budget Approval: we create a final quote for your approval and if approved we proceed working on your Web Extension
  • Our development team starts creating your Web Extension and creates a sample you can test on your browser. You'll receive new copies as we finalize the Web Extension
  • Final Web Extension delivery on the Chrome Store or any other Web Store targeted to the browser(s) you want users to download your Web Extension from

What's is included with our service

  • Full 60 days of technical support - anything you find that was included on the project but it is not working as expected our team will ensure everything works perfect


Integrate Third-party
Custom App

External Data Sources

When your software needs to pull or share data with third party software you do not directly manage

Third Party Cloud Software

Almost all organizations today use one or more third party software solutions for their day-to-day operations. We integrate the cloud solutions you need for a seamless experience.

API Connectors

When your software needs to be accessed by external software that you do not directly access but needs to send or update data on your database.

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