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Every project is unique. Because of that our team has to analyze all your project requirements and after doing so they'll have a clear estimate of the time to complete your project. It could take from as low as 2 weeks for simple projects - up to 8 months or more for large and complex projects.

Our team always creates a demo video walkthrough of all the features of your application. This video is a form of documentation to train your users or customers.

No application is meant to remain the same forever. As your team or customers find limitations on your app or your team processes evolve your app needs to evolve with them. You have the freedom to decide when to update your application, but usually making a few updates per year is recommended.

For Web Applications you are responsible for the hosting costs. These costs can range from $10 up to $1000 or more per month - depending on the number of users you are serving. In the case of mobile apps this also applies if you have an external database that keeps customer data or files. The only case when you don't have to pay for hosting is for mobile apps or web extensions that just run locally on the user's phone or browser and does not interact with any external server or downloads any external files.

In case you do need a server to host your user data, we work with the major server providers to launch your application connected to that server.

We don't include any SEO work on any Web Application project. You are welcome to optimize the page content with any SEO agency and send us the SEO optimized content on of your public-facing pages before the final delivery - our team will be happy to place this content for you.

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