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A Great Story Starts with a vision of the Future

App Development is an essential part of digital life for companies that want to stay alive in the information era. We believe quality applications amplify the trust of customers and this trust helps create communities.

In a market where every App Development agency brand has many other brand names using their services, hundreds of employees around the globe and thousands of completed projects, all of which we don't have, why do we choose to not conform?

Quality Applications come first. We're craft-driven creators, that means we strive to produce the best software products over generating the most hype. And by creating the best quality software applications at the expense of publicity and growth, we can serve our customers better and foster true passion in what we do for our customers.


Simplicity is Our Game

While many other software agency focus on increased complexity, we look to simplify every project we create.

We start from the basics

We analyze your business identity and look for the perfect solution that fits your specific needs.

We Make it Simple

There are a thousands of ways to solve a problem, but our team always focuses on the simplest way to solve your company pain points.

We Optimize the Processes you Already Have

Applications are a mirror image of how your business operates. Optimizing your current processes gives you the opportunity to streamline your business and get from A to B faster.

Our Team

The People Behind CodeSlice

Our team makes us how we are and show our customers how much we care about them

Percy Brea
Percy Brea
Project Manager / Founder
Julie Benigan
Julie Benigan
Front-End Developer
Catthy Summers
Catthy Summers
Mobile Developer
John Sullivan
John Sullivan
Full Stack Developer
Jon Sengal
Jon Sengal
Back-End Developer
Evelyn Johnson
Evelyn Johnson
Quality Assurance Tester

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