Our Strategy

How We Work

We love creating and innovating businesses. We put our expertise in your hands to make every project a success.

We Listen To You

We listen to your needs and ensure we get all the details necessary to complete your project

We Look for the best strategy

Every project is unique, that is why we ensure we use the best tools and strategies possible.

Project Succes

Every project we build is carefully tested and deployed according to your needs.


Powerful Tools

We use the most innovative and powerful tools to meet and exceed your expectations

Web Development

Web Development

Delivering effective web solutions takes time and a specialized team. Our web experts make it possible for you to jump to the the right solution that can maximize your team effort and data. Let us guide you to integrate all your existing processes into a centralized software to that controls your entire business.

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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps power a vast number of industries today. Unleash the power of a Mobile App for your business operations or customers. Be part of this revolution and continue innovating with us.

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Browser Extensions

Browser Extensions

Users all over the world have found the true power of using browser extensions. It gives them the flexibility and efficiency only possible thru these useful add-ons. Help your customers and business streamline the steps to serve your users with a browser extension.

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We are development experts on all technologies

Technology requires people that live and breathe the latest trends, tools and just loves innovating. This is what our team does.

True Expertise

Every team member is an expert on their respective field.

Unique Solutions

Every vision is unique. Our team strives to make your project a reflection of that vision that is uniquely yours.


We Follow Our Work Process

All our projects start using our streamlined process that ensures we understand your vision



We analyze your requirements & research an optimal solution



We design a solution that meets or exceeds your expectations



We build a solution and test to ensure it runs perfectly



We deploy your project to be accessible & ready for your customers or team members

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What Customers Say About Us

Our Customer Trust Our Services

Alex Frederick Alex Frederick

Alex Frederick


Our software was a total disaster. We contacted CodeSlice to see how they could fix it and after careful analysis they recommended to create a brand new software. We are so grateful they did as a result our company has become more profitable

Alex Frederick
Maxine Butler Maxine Butler

Maxine Butler

Product Manager

Our customer facing software needed an update and another software agency wasted our time and delivered a project full of bugs. The CodeSlice team reviewed all the issues and helped us fix everything. So happy we found CodeSlice.

Maxine Butler
Jason Miller Jason Miller

Jason Miller

Product Manager

We needed to replace our customer software with a totally different one. We gave their team a list of our wants and needs and they not only quickly understood what we wanted, they also made valuable suggestions that made it even more successful. Thank you CodeSlice!

Jason Miller
Jake Ferton

Jake Ferton

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