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Now you can finally learn how to code real mobile apps faster even if you’ve failed before or you’re just starting out with Swift (iOS) and Kotlin (Android)

Create a Real App

Have a front row seat to see all the decisions and though process involved, and how these are planned before coding an App. It takes careful research and visualizing a progressive & iterative process to have a production ready App.

Best Practices

We take special care to ensure the content of our iOS development book or Android development book follows the best practices and advice to build a real mobile app. Weather you like iOS development with Swift or Android development with Kotlin, we have what you need. We have seen hundreds of blog posts and done all the work for you to get you the best value and to save you time.

Prepared for Future Updates

A mobile app is like a living organism. It has to evolve and mature after each update. We’ll show you the though process to keep an app able to be updated successfully into the future and to keep your users happy. iOS development with Swift or Android development with Kotlin requires focus on updates as these platforms evolve too.

iOS Development Book

Love Swift? and SwiftUI? Great! This is what we use to build real world apps. You’ll be guided step by step until you build an iOS app that will get you up & running faster. Our iOS dev book covers the latest Apple API’s and best practices.

Android Development Book

Want to focus on Android Development? Awesome! Our Android development book will teach you everything you need to need to push your next real Android app to the Play Store. It has the latest best practices and API using the latest Android Studio.

Why Buy This Book?

Building a mobile app takes a lot of planning and effort. Learning to code Swift for iOS or Kotlin for Android is just one step toward building an app. Many sites or other iOS development books focus on learning the coding essentials but then you have to make all the decisions that come later – how to put together your idea into a real app.

Our approach is direct and simple: building a real iOS App or Android App from scratch that really teaches everything beyond just learning the language used or the API of both platforms. You can have the knowledge of coding the platform API, but putting this knowledge is to action is key into building your app idea. This is the approach we use on our iOS development book or Android development book.

About the Author

Percy Brea is an experienced developer with over 17 years that has been part of many Fortune 500 companies over his career. He has worked from small Startups to large Enterprises on highly focused teams, on apps for many different industries and purposes. His hunger to learn new platforms and best practices made him enter the mobile space. Now with his experience leading teams at these companies, he is ready to help people get into the exciting career of building real mobile apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a pre-order button instead of buy?

The iOS development book is not yet complete. We are offering a pre-order special price only for early buyers. We are discounting 50% off the regular price. When the book is finished, it will be sold at the regular price.

I am new to building mobile apps, will I learn everything I need to create an app?

Our iOS development book & Android development book covers everything you need to do to build a real mobile app. We will have two versions: one for iOS and one for Android (for each App). The book has everything you need as beginner mobile app developer, as it covers everything in detail, and we build 1 real app at the end. The only requirement is that you code on any other programming language – because we don’t teach programming principles on our books.

Do you cover iOS and Android apps?

Yes, we will cover both. During our initial launch we are starting with iOS, but eventually all mobile apps we do will have an iOS development book and Android development book version of exactly the same app – you decide if you want iOS, Android or both!

When will the book be published?

We anticipate to have the first iOS book ready by the end of May 2020.

I have seen video courses online and other books from well known authors, why is your book a better option?

We also have been on dozens of online courses and read many other books from well known authors and publishers. The main difference is that our approach is extremely direct and to the point of building a specific app. Instead of creating 10 to 15 mobile apps that have 1 or 2 screens that most video courses (or books) do, we focus on only 1 mobile app until we make this app a production ready prototype. The experience is as if you were behind our shoulders listening to our thoughts during the entire process of building a real app for a client.

What types of mobile apps do you build on your books?

We are looking at the popular app categories on the App Store and Google Play. During the initial launch we are starting with a Food Tracker App for iOS. Our books focus on a single real app, and this will be just the beginning as we will start creating more books focusing on other types of apps. Also your feedback and suggestions are important to us.

Do you guys have a refund policy?

Yes we do. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase we will refund your money.

Can I buy a book for a team of developers or friends?

Yes. We have an option available where you can specify if this is for an individual or for teams. Select a team purchase on this case for the iOS dev book or Android development book.

A single book creates an App on iOS and Android?

No. We have one for each. For example: we are launching our iOS development book with Swift to build a meal tracker app. There will be another Android development book building the exact same app. In other words: each app has 2 books (one for iOS and another for Android) building the same app.

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