November 26, 2016

Can I have a copy of my Website if I decide to cancel?

Yes. If you decide to cancel and obtain a copy of your website to install on your own hosting server and perform your own customizations, you will need 12 consecutive month of your plan active.

So for example: if your Website plan cost $35 per month, your web property fee is: $35 x 12 = $420

The downside of managing your site on your own?

  • You lose all the experts that are looking after your website
  • You have to keep your site protected on your own
  • Finally, you need to find talent that will ensure your website is up to date and in perfect shape for your business at all times, as your business grows.

We have more than a decade of experience creating and maintaining Websites on the Internet, so you can rest assured our interest is clearly your business success.