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Color / layout revisions is when you want to re-arrange the look & feel of the content within a content page.

With a color / layout revision we can move text and images around the page to make the page look the way you want, so our experts can do it for you. All plans have color / layout changes included per month.

Please note that a color / layout revision doesn’t include changing the website structural elements like: the general look of all web pages, header design, footer design, or other structural elements on the website that change the look in a global way.

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A text revision is when you have changes to make to any of your content pages.

Each text revision has to be no more than 10% of the entire text on the page. Changes in text that are more than 10% of the text on a page is considered more than 1 text revision. All Website plans have included monthly text revisions, so you can contact us, and we’ll make text changes for you.

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A Content Page is a page on your website that shows information of your product or services.

We also have a hard limit of 700 words per page for text, and no more than 3 images, unless the actual page belongs to a shopping cart product list (which can have more than 3 product images)

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Yes, you can. We offer you access to a content admin where you can make changes. In addition to that, we can also make text and layout changes on a monthly basis depending on the selected website plan.

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After your initial 12 months you can cancel your Website plan. When cancelling we take your website offline. Your website will remain archived if you decide to re-activate it.

Cancelling before 12 months is possible, but will not include a copy of the website. The website will remain archived until you decide to re-activate your website plan.

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No, you can cancel at any time. If you want to keep a copy of the Website after canceling, we require 12 months of your plan active. We always keep archived copies of your website if you decide to pause your Website plan for any amount of time.

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Yes. If you decide to cancel and obtain a copy of your website to install on your own hosting server and perform your own customizations, you will need 12 consecutive month of your plan active.

So for example: if your Website plan cost $35 per month, your web property fee is: $35 x 12 = $420

The downside of managing your site on your own?

  • You lose all the experts that are looking after your website
  • You have to keep your site protected on your own
  • Finally, you need to find talent that will ensure your website is up to date and in perfect shape for your business at all times, as your business grows.

We have more than a decade of experience creating and maintaining Websites on the Internet, so you can rest assured our interest is clearly your business success.

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We accept Visa, Mastercard and others via Paypal.

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The setup fee is a non refundable initial payment that covers the initial tasks of: setting up your new web space, domain(s) and administrative tasks that are needed to start a new website.

Category: Websites

Your Website will be delivered from 2 to 3 weeks after your order is placed. We also require all your website content to be delivered to us to avoid any delays.

Category: Websites

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Custom Development

Yes. We specialize in making any type of integration of external software or web applications with WordPress. We can look into your specific integration needs, analyze how your external software or web application works, and build the necessary plugin or functions that would successfully connect your data with WordPress.

We have made many custom integrations, and we are confident we can help with your integration project.

Yes. We can look into your specific project requirements, then look at the commercial plugin “extendable features” and propose a solution that would fit your needs.

Yes, our team specializes in open source languages & tools.

If you have an existing project partially built, we can continue building it using any existing framework, or if you are building a project from scratch, we can recommend the best frameworks or tools to make your project not only scalable, but also built with the latest technology available.

Yes and no. We can continue building on top of an existing Web App that was built for your business, and we can also analyze this code and tell if this code was really built with your needs in mind, or if the code needs so many changes that it would be more costly to fix and maintain.

Many other web development agencies tend to oversell their services, to serve to as many customers as possible with limited resources. At CodeSlice we understand the importance and commitment we make with each of our customers, so they know exactly what to expect from us without minimizing the quality of our services.

We also ensure only the top qualified person is assigned to a project, according to that person’s area of expertise. This ensures the best results for your project.

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